Appearance UK Ltd can provide broad portfolio of security services within the commercial sector, which includes manufacturing, construction, warehouse, retail and special events. Our services include:

  • Physical Guarding (static)
  • Physical Guarding (roaming)
  • Traffic control & parking attendants
  • Front lobby reception
  • Special event staff
  • CCTV operators

AP-UK Security Services strives to meet the needs of our clients and endeavour to work with the to understand their security expectations and requirements to ensure we deliver the best possible service in a environment were effective security has never been more needed.


We have a set of core values that sets us apart from many other security companies.

Clear Objectives.

Our ultimate goal is to provide first class security services to our clients, and continue to work with them to understand and respond to the ever shifting trends within the security industry. Through excellence in our service we strive to meet and exceed the client’s expectations and ensure that their staff and assets are protected.

Solid Commitments.

We will establish an agreed service protocol and delivery method that is underpinned by our commitment to our client to support their business interests.

Service Quality.

It goes without saying that a quality service will achieve our objectives and ensure that our commitment to the client is clear. We monitor our service standards and work with the client to ensure we are supporting their own high standards.


Client Led.

Our service is client led. Ultimately the client will have a specific set of objectives and needs within their security plans. We will meet and continually liaise with the client to propose a security solution and implement the plan. Beyond, we will monitor the service and meet with the client to ensure that our staff are meeting with clients expectations. As security requirements shift and change, so does AP-UK. We can tailor the security solution to fit in better with the client’s requirements as they evolve. Regular meetings and reliable platforms of communication ensure we ‘stay in touch’ with our client, staff and shifting security trends.

Best Practise & Development.

Whilst we must always strive to implement best practise, we also must understand that the generic model doesn’t always fit the clients need. So we will work with the client to demonstrate what is considered the best practise for their security requirements and make enhancements as agreed.

Staff Training & Development.

We operate a programme that is tailored to fit in with the clients operation. We strive to ensure that our security officer understands the clients business and how best they can serve the clients security needs. Beyond the industry standard qualifications we focus on the specific business we are serving and quickly establish whether there are other areas that our staff may benefit in training in, which ultimately will benefit the client.

CCTV / IT Systems / Administration

Our security teams are trained to operate CCTV and other IT systems on site as well as ensure they maintain security duty logs, gather evidence, effectively communicate and record data for role / personal and service development.
  • CCTV
  • PC & tablet data systems
  • Radio and mobile communications
  • Duty logs
  • Evidence gathering and production
  • Report production
  • Personal development

Key Controls.

Key Handling
Site Control (including traffic management)
Public Space Control and Monitoring
Health & Safety / First aid
Reports & IT Systems
24 Hour Service 100%



If you’d like to contact APPEARANCE UK Ltd about our Security Services please call 07044 00 80 50, or use the contact form below if you prefer.